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Why DO you need a website?

In an earlier article I tried to decide Why DON’T you need a website. To say I struggled would be an understatement. I came up with a whole TWO reasons. Thinking of reasons as to why you SHOULD have a website would be much easier… I’d like to think anyway!/need-website

So I sat down, drunk a coffee, got my brain working and started to jot a few reasons down that sprung to mind. Of course this is slightly slanted towards people who would like to earn, but there is no reason that future non-profit sites can learn from this.

1. More than 40 million people have access to the internet

That is 40 million potential customers. Yes, this is a huge number and is unlikely that even 1% of those people would visit you, but the fact is, there is no physical reason why each one of those 40 million people can’t stumble upon your fantastic products. For millions of people, the Internet has become the go-too hub for information, compare prices and buy stuff… lot’s of stuff. Actually less then quarter of those people would visit a local store first and look online second.

2. Chances are your competitors already have one

99% of business is already online, which includes your competitors. This means they have a HUGE advantage. For any business owner with a ounce of pride, this is a big fat no no. Not only should you want a website, you should want one that looks better too so you can one up them

3. Oh so very cheap!

The internet is cheaper in absolutely every category, in comparison to it’s physical store counter part. Four figures a month can be spent on shop rent, in comparison to only several pounds per month to rent hosting space with most providers including us. Say goodbye to expensive postal services, just use Email. The most expensive part of getting a website is without a doubt the web design costs, which incidentally is what put most people off from getting a site and is actually one of the reasons Why you DON’T need a website. But even that cost, is mere pennies in comparison to setting up a physical store and has much more potential – especially when looking at our affordable websites or pay monthly deals.

4. Around the clock opening hours

Wouldn’t it be nice to not need sleep. I have often looked a sleep as an inconvenience cursed upon me purely for being human. Unfortunately, unless you are a vampire, this is impossible. A website however, much like a vampire, does not need sleep and is a place that your customers can purchase from at any time that suits them – from any timezone.

5. Credibility, credibility, CREDIBILITY

In today’s market, image is everything. We will touch more on the importance of branding in another post, but this is one of the main reasons to have a website. Quite simply, according to a recent survey, you will be considered unprofessional by consumers if you are not visible on the internet. Harsh, but true. How do you feel when you want to learn more about a company, even find out their opening hours, tap them into google and they don’t show up. Annoying isn’t it?

6. Service improvement

You care about your customers right? Then you should have the best possible service for them. Having a website gives your customers a means to contact you with ease, a place to get information at the click of a finger which ultimately makes them happier and become repeat customers.

7. Advertising

I remember placing an ad in a newspaper once, when I was young and wanted to earn some pocket money. It cost me £13 to show up in a tiny box for 1 newspaper on 1 day. If I could re-live that age now, I would jump onto facebook for free and post an ad as many times as I liked. I could even spend a few pounds a month to get facebook to place me higher up the wall for longer amounts of time and be seen by thousands of people, rather than tens of people. If I could re-live that age now – I would have been a car washing millionaire by the age of 11. The internet is like one big free advertising playground. With so many monster websites, like Facebook, Google and youtube that you can advertise on for free and have access to their billions of views.

Well that was easy! Some may consider me bias, I am earning my living from this after all so I wouldn’t even blame them. In fact I would quite like you to doubt me and ask yourself Why and then perhaps come to your own conclusion on the subject.

JoeWhy DO you need a website?
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