The Garden Lady v2

The Garden Lady website was in need of an update. We had done her last website before Mobile Friendly was a necessity. So we gave it a much needed improvement and made it more attractively minimal. Based in Cornwall, The Garden Lady wanted to use a quality website service in Cornwall also – we think she made the right choice coming to us.


  • Flat / Modern
  • Responsive

Related Work

Based out of London, AkArtAsia found us via Google wanting a simple cheap website. As he is selling art, we immediately knew what needed to be done – a minimal, monochrome website – our favorite.

Take Away Website

Take Away Website

One of our feature rich, simplicity websites. You can have your own, see our Website Simplicity page for more info

Quite content heavy, we had to come up with a design that could fit all of it in without looking cluttered.