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Why DON’T you need a website?

I like to ask why? I pride myself on being inquisitive in all aspects of life. No matter how small the detail. Some call that obsessive and annoying, but that doesn’t deter me from my quest of knowing everything about everything. As a web designer, I find myself automatically assuming that everybody should have and will benefit from a website, but I never stopped to think why. This line of thinking could have potentially ceased my confidence in selling web design because there is another trait I pride myself on… and that is honesty.

So I started thinking “Why should people have a website” but instead, I kept finding myself thinking “Why shouldn’t people have a website”. This truly was a difficult question to answer. “Why should” naturally had a hundred reasons in a matter of seconds… “why shouldn’t” was much more challenging and therefore was much more fun for my obsessive annoying tendency to wanting to know “Why?” about everything.

So let me list why you shouldn’t have a website. Controversial, because I make sites for a living.

1. Time

Web design is lengthy. It can take a week to make a very basic one page site, but for the purposes of this article we will assume you use a web designer so won’t touch on this. Let us instead fast forward to maintaining the website. A web Designer can only do so much before passing it over to the client. Said client has the responsibility to keep the site up to date. At Pushbing we focus on making things as simple as possible for the client, but you can still be left spending hours a week keeping things up to date.

I struggled to stop my brain voiding this argument by thinking how much more time it would take to say, update a physical store by stacking the shelves with new goods after un-packaging them and then cleaning up the mess behind you.

2. Money

A funny point, considering money is one of the major plus points into getting a website. But it is the initial outlay of money that I am referring to here. Getting a website means parting with your money first and then what could be weeks before you see any sign of money well spent. Your website could cost thousands of pounds. Well, in theory it could cost hundreds of thousands… but if you have that kind of money to spend, then my guessing is you don’t care so much about about the initial outlay of cash.

Similarly though, your website could cost only a few hundred pounds so it is worth enquiring before writing the idea off completely. At Pushbing, we have done many websites for that kind of money and in the process, shocking our clients at how cheap it actually was – especially our pay monthly deal. I would recommend taking any designer with a pinch of salt if they quote any less than a few hundred for an average seven page website.

Well there you have it. That is my gigantic list of reasons why you shouldn’t have a site. I had a few flash thoughts, such as people not wanting a site because of their moral standpoint against technology or not wanting to look to professional to their current customers, but I decided these aren’t legitimate reasons, but more of a mental block that perhaps you may want to ask yourself “why?”.

JoeWhy DON’T you need a website?
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  • John - 14/08/2014 reply

    A fair and rational post. I often wonder if I need my site… I always end up coming back to the same answer – “Of course you do”

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