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Our unique Pay On Performance approach is to give you a low risk, low cost option, to an otherwise extremely expensive industry. You can also rest assured that we will not relax until the results are accomplished via our white hat methods. The process is simple, we charge an extraordinarily low price for our SEO work & then boost it slightly each time we get one of your chosen keywords into the top 10 positions of Google.
In case of the likely event that we get most of your keywords into the top 10, we have even put a cap in place to avoid the price ever exceeding what can be considered “low cost”.


The SEO industry is unfortunately filled with poor service & false promises. It is important to start your campaign with realistic expectations & here at Pushbing we deliver an honest service that you can wholeheartedly trust & rely on for all of your SEO needs.


Lite & Standard Plans

Both of these plans are aimed at the budget conscious business’s who still want a presence on Google without breaking the bank. The only differentiation between the two plans is the number of keyphrases that we target in our campaign. We also produce nearly twice the number of back links each month in standard plan which could be a quicker climb to the top of Google. The big feature with these plans is our unique Pay On Performance arrangement. This means we initially charge a minimal monthly fee, almost at cost, & then strive to get your chosen keywords into the top 10 positions of Google as this is when we add on small bonus’s to the amount of £5 for a top 10 position & £15 for a top 5.

There are many parts to a successful SEO campaign & on these plans we work on them all every month, sending you a report at the end of each cycle to show your progress.

Although you can cancel at anytime, these plans are often viewed as an on-going arrangement for the lifetime of a business. You have the option of interchanging your keyphrases each time one enters the top 10. This is quite common to help ensure as many keywords as possible are in the top spots of Google.

Premium Plan

We have constructed this plan in a completely different way than the cheaper two. It is aimed at business’s with a slightly bigger budget, although still seeking a low cost SEO service. In the premium plan we break down into 12 stages the main SEO components to gaining a rock solid standing within Google Rankings. We focus on one stage per month, meaning every step of your campaign will be extensively researched before hand & altered if required to ensure you have a good ranking at the end of the 12 stages. This begins right at the very beginning where we will investigate heavily into the best keywords for your business, making sure that they all have a great return on investment.

By default, we charge per stage for 12 months but we can complete the stages within 4 months if requested. The quality is exactly the same but you can just get there faster if your budget allows. We highly recommend seeing it through to the end of the 12 stages, even if you do (and you will) see good progress after 4. All 12 stages are highly important to gaining that solid, long lasting position on the top of Google.

There is no Pay On Performance arrangement here. This plan will remain the same price throughout the duration of the work. After the 12 stages are completed, you can either reduce to a £49 monthly maintenance fee where we will ensure you remain high in Google or you can start again with another 23 keywords to get total dominance of the market.



office cleaning cornwall – Top 5
solar panel cleaning cornwall – Top 10

Cheap website cornwall – Top 2
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£ 69 /mo

  • Pay On Performance Cap - £119
  • 10 Keywords
  • In-depth Website Analysis Report
  • Onpage Changes
  • Up To 100 Back Links Per Month
  • Monthly Reports
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£ 99 /mo

  • Pay On Performance Cap - £179
  • 20 Keywords
  • In-depth Website Analysis Report
  • Onpage Changes
  • Up To 200 Back Links Per Month
  • Monthly Reports
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