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The importance of a nice looking website

Which car do you prefer? ………. It’s the bottom one isn’t it?

How did you justify it to yourself? Is it because it is more expensive? More modern? Or do you think the bottom one is more sexy? Regardless of your justification, you picked it because your judgemental. Scream at your monitor all you like, but it’s true. I’m judgemental, my mum’s judgemental.. we’re all judgemental. Some more than others, sure and some have slightly misguided, unfair judgement. But the fact remains we are all judgemental in some capacity.

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JoeThe importance of a nice looking website

Why DON’T you need a website?

I like to ask why? I pride myself on being inquisitive in all aspects of life. No matter how small the detail. Some call that obsessive and annoying, but that doesn’t deter me from my quest of knowing everything about everything. As a web designer, I find myself automatically assuming that everybody should have and will benefit from a website, but I never stopped to think why. This line of thinking could have potentially ceased my confidence in selling web design because there is another trait I pride myself on… and that is honesty.

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JoeWhy DON’T you need a website?